Founders Pack

Just in time for Christmas, Jake and Elwood are packing up all five flavours into one steal of a deal for true Blues Brothers fans. Buy now and save over 20% plus get free shipping!

Pretty simple. A music fueled lifestyle. Late nights, early mornings – well, maybe it’s not technically morning – and miles to go before we sleep. Everybody needs some coffee to love and we don’t take the affair lightly. We demand a coffee with the same passion and commitment to deliver that we expect of our bandmates. It’s gotta be the best.

Get 3/4 of a pound of each amazing Blues Brothers Coffee roasts, and forever be considered one of the founders

The Founder Pack — $69.95 (Regular price $89.75) — Free Shipping in North America, starting December 6th.


Soul Man

340g (3/4lb.) 
Medium Roast
Central and South America

Jake's Guilty Pleasure

340g (3/4lb.) 
Dark Roast
South America, Indonesia, and Africa


Full Tank

340g (3/4lb.) 
Light Roast
South America and Africa

Blessed Acceleration

340g (3/4lb.) 
Espresso Roast
Central & South America, Indonesia, and Africa

440 Power Plant

340g (3/4lb.) 
Medium/Dark Roast
South America and Africa


Get In Early, Stay Up Late

The Founders Pack deal is only available up until Cyber Monday. Order now to guarantee your delivery before Christmas — Shipments will begin on December 6th. Order now and forever be one of the founders. We'll make sure you never forget it!


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